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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Ethically sourced materials

I’m a huge fan of Oscha Slings, a company that makes wraps and slings and a nice range of accessories and homeware for those of us who are phasing out of that babywearing period. They focus not only on beautiful designs and fabulous colours, but also on sustainability, zero-waste and ethically sourced materials (as well as really nice customer service).

Mulesing free German merino wool used for stuffing at Tenshi Treasures
About 1 kilograms of wool

I found myself on the search for good quality wool that was high quality yet affordable and found some great merino wool. However that brought up questions about it being ‘mulesing free’. (Not sure about what mulesing is? Have a look on Google or Wikipedia.) The wool I use is sourced from merino sheep in Germany and is indeed mulesing free (I specifically checked it with my supplier). It washes well (on wool cycle of course!) and has all the other characteristics that make wool an awesome material to work with.

Apart from that I love being able to support another ‘small business’. My wool does not come from a large retailer, it comes from a small family-run business that has a clearly visible love for everything wool. The quality is consistent and I hope they’ll be in business for a long time to come.
It may not be the cheapest material available but I want to make sure that the items I create for you are durable, usable (that means washable ;)) and above all lovable.

For those who do not like to use animal fibres I also have organic kapok that is lovely and fluffy yet stuffs pretty solidly (but takes ages to dry after a wash – another reason why I love my wool).