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Monday 3 January 2022

Happy new year!

Even when we have no idea whatsoever what this year is going to be like, that won’t stop us from making resolutions (if you’re the type of person who does that – I’m not) or just looking ahead and make plans.

I don’t “do” new years resolutions because I firmly believe in applying any resolutions Right Now instead of postponing them. That, and I find it just doesn’t work for me. I just do what needs to be done when I’m ready for it. Well, most of the time I do. I try ;).

I’m very happy with my new schedule, planning 3 orders a month and then having some wiggle room for adding extras. I have a ridiculous amount of fabric “in stock” because I very much enjoy buying beautiful pieces of fabric, and every time I do that, I want to craft with it. With a filled-to-the-brim custom order list, I didn’t have any time for that, but now I do and it keeps me very motivated.

For this month I have a beautiful red piece on my ‘extras’ list, and another one pre-cut for when I have the time for it. Yes, that means I’ll have a few items to add to the shop, every now and then. If I can keep them out of my daughter’s reach, because she loves to take whatever it is I’m making, and then declaring it hers.

I may regret saying this 😉 but if there’s anything that you’d love to have me make from fabric I have in stock, let me know and who knows, I might add it to my extras list to make whenever I feel like it. Either way I love hearing from you all, so drop me a message or post in my group (you can find Tenshi Treasures Talk here)!