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Friday 23 June 2023

Less is more

Summer is here and I’m enjoying it!

It’s only two more weeks until the summer holidays will start. Six weeks of no school – that means we get to sleep in on some days, and have time for fun activities and a week of vacation in France. It also means having to navigate working-at-home-days with two kids around, and managing personal irritation levels throughout that time.

To be fair, they’re 7 and 10 now (already?!) and they generally manage to get along reasonably well (better than I used to when my little brother and I were about that age!) but when annoyance gets the upper hand, things get nasty very quickly. I’m sure it’s recognizable 😉 .

So I’ve been building in room for less pressure – only two custom orders per month. That gives me the freedom to move things around a bit, and not “having to finish” so many things at once. It also leaves me time to work on my own projects. Currently I have pieces of Lothlorien Vale and Misty Mountains Namárië ready to be sewn up. There will be two custom orders made out of these fabrics, and I had enough left for my own creations. At least one will probably be available via draw to purchase in the Tenshi Treasures Talk group – so if you’re not in there, go check it out!

While I’m sewing away on my various projects I can be certain I’ll get comments like “Mom, I’m bored!”. Unfortunately for my kids, I lack empathy 😉 and always tell them that if all the toys in their room can’t keep them entertained, they’re free to list them on our local online market place and sell them. If they do it, it’ll get their rooms ever so much tidier and less cluttered. Chances are high they’ll encounter some long forgotten fun item to play with along the way too. And if they don’t, I’ve at least given them an option, and they’ll mope around for a bit, and then decide to go outside and see who they can find to hang out with.

So yeah – less is more. Less clutter, less pressure, less “must”.

Now if only I were better at following my own advice… I just remembered I also “need” to make two camera straps (one for my future camera that I have my eye on, and one for our new binoculars…). Ah well. We’ll have to start with the good intentions and see where we end, won’t we?