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Wednesday 27 May 2020

“New” website

One of the drawbacks of (also) being a webdesigner is that your own websites tend to be the most neglected ones in your portfolio. Unfortunately this website was no exception. However, because I had a lot of Other Important Things to do, I finally took the time to update this one. Because that’s what you do when you’re Very Busy and should really spend your time on other things, right?

In about two evenings and two afternoons the site has received a new layout twice and more information as well as (finally) a list of available animals, their sizes (most of them) and their prices.
Twice? Yes, twice. Because I always design stuff “the right way” with an approved design and all that before I start building… but I never do for my own website ;). So halfway through I decided that the one-page website I had in mind did not deliver the right kind of layout for all the information I wanted to showcase. Cue entirely new setup, hehehe.

Tenshi Treasures in stock scraps
Scraps! I must admit… they have multiplied since I took this picture.

So now I finally have a place to showcase the ‘in stock’ scraps as well as a nicer way to have the albums on display. It should be a lot easier now to see what I have done, what things might look like and just to browse through some of my work.

So here we are – it’s not perfect yet, nor finished (a good website is never finished, actually) but it has all the information I wanted to share (I think…).

Next up – something about sustainability and awesome wool.