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Sunday 24 May 2020

Wrap scrap creations – the beginning

You may have noticed that most of the wrap scrap creations I make are made of scraps from one particular wrap brand: Oscha Slings.

I discovered Oscha Slings in the summer of 2013. My newborn son was about three months old when I first discovered wraps and was researching (in depth, because that is what I like to do before I dive into something) wraps in general. It led me to a Dutch forum about breastfeeding and babywearing. Browsing through the many pictures of proud parents, their babies and the beautiful wraps they used, I discovered one brand that made wraps with a dragon pattern.

Tenshi Treasures' owner Pam with her eldest child as a baby
Me and my son in Oscha Slings Shui Long Emperor

I’m not sure if it’s because of my Asian origins (Korean, if you must know) but I’ve always loved dragons. This brand made wraps with a Tibetan water dragon called Shui Long and I was immediately sold. Back in 2013 there were only a few brands making baby wraps and carriers and the patterns they offered were limited.

I finally made my first Oscha purchase on Boxing Day 2013 (Starry Night Raven was on sale) and purchased my first dragons (Shui Long Emperor) a few days later in a fangroup community on Facebook. It would be the start of a long love affair ;). I have tried around 50 different wraps and have bought, felt and crafted with scrap of hundreds more.

At some point I needed to have something to do other than ‘being a mom’ or ‘being an employee’ or even ‘being a wife’ and decided to start sewing. By hand. Because I didn’t have a sewing machine. I was quite familiar with the sight of them (my mother used to make clothes for us when I was small) but had early on decided it wasn’t for me. I preferred reading and embroidery. However if you want to sew a stuffed animal by hand it takes ages, and while the first one or two were fun, I wanted to do more and I wanted to do it faster.

My first sewing machine was a “cheap” Toyota that valiantly powered through multiple layers of wrap material but eventually I had to admit that what I was asking of it was beyond its abilities. It wasn’t fair to keep demanding it do keep sewing through all that material.
I was very lucky to find a second hand semi-industrial Janome on a second hand marketplace online and it’s been love ever since, even though he can be a bit temperamental at times (I suspect he needs to be serviced).

By that time I had become firmly embedded into the Oscha community and that is where my first customers came from. While I enjoy working with other brands’ wrap material (it’s very interesting to feel the differences) I am and always will be an Oscha girl. I even got to do an Oscha wrap preorder with my treasured dragon pattern, and it was named after my second child. So many treasured memories… and that’s why I do what I do. To preserve Treasured memories for all.