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Friday 22 May 2020

About me

I started babywearing when my eldest was just a few months old, in 2013… and I never stopped. Or well, since my youngest (2016) only very occasionally allows me to wear her still, I must admit that the end seems near. But I can live on in happy denial for a while, and still remain involved in “the babywearing community” through whatever creations I make with wrap scraps.

I enjoy venturing out and trying new stuff. However I find that for some things, you need to be able to concentrate for a certain amount of time, undisturbed, which as most parents will know is quite hard with one or more kids around!

Now that both of my kids are going to school I hope to be able to dive into some exciting new things as well as finally finish my horse pattern I’ve been working on for years now (oops).

We share our home in The Netherlands with two cats (and one husband whom I shouldn’t forget) so do drop me a line if you’re allergic to cats and we’ll see what can be done to minimise any allergic reactions if you decide to have me make something special for you.