Your own custom handmade Treasure

Made to be loved, made to last

Custom keepsakes

A special custom keepsake, for your loved one – or for yourself!

Wrap scrap creations are very special. They are ‘something new’ yet they hold many treasured memories. They allow you to keep a token of the very special yet all too short (yet somehow everlasting) time of babywearing. Memories not only of those special moments with your loved ones, but also of the babywearing communities where often new friends are found and parental support is often readily available.

How does a custom order work?

If you’d like me to make you something special to keep after your babywearing journey has come to an end, we can discuss your wishes, the options, and the timeline. You can send me your scrap or pick some of mine and after I’m done, I will send your custom Treasure to you. Step by step, the process usually looks like this:

1. Choose your animal/item and scrap

You can have a look at ‘the zoo’ or, if you have a specific request, we can discuss that too. For example, if you’d like to have something that is not yet listed on this website, you can let me know and I’ll see if I can customise something for you! Provided we can find a suitable pattern for it, usually.

If you don’t want to cut your special wrap, or have sold it and don’t have any scrap of it, you can pick something from what I have in stock. If I don’t have it, I can help you look for it – especially if it’s an Oscha scrap, it may take some time but I should be able to find it!

If you have specific requests regarding pattern placement, eyes or contrast fabric you can also let me know in this stage, so I can take those into account once I start working on your order. It’s nice for me to know beforehand, so I can make sure I have everything at hand when needed.

2. Invoice and timing

After that, I’ll give you a total cost (price of your custom animal/item, shipping and optionally cost of the scrap) and let you know when my next available ‘slot’ for a custom order is. Usually this is about 2-3 months ahead of time but every now and then I may be able to sneak in a speedy custom order. If you want something special for Christmas, please make sure to inquire before October!

After everything is clear, I will send you an invoice. Once you’ve paid part of that invoice (usually between 10-20% of the price) your spot on my list is secured. If you’re sending me scrap, make sure you’ve washed it and then send it to me at least 3 weeks beforehand (earlier is always possible).

3. The making of…

I’ll always let you know when I’m about to start on your handmade Treasure. I will send you progress pics and if we haven’t discussed this before, we’ll discuss the options for stuffing material and material for the eyes and other finishing touches. If there are pattern placement requests, we’ll discuss those too with the pattern pieces at hand.

If you require something other than felt or plastic safety eyes, make sure to let me know in time so I can order stuff in. This goes particularly for minky type fabric like what I’ve used for the Velveteen Rabbits since I don’t always have the required colours in stock.

4. All done – final payment & shipping

When I’m done, the final payment is due. Once that is done, I will ship your handmade order to you. Shipping is always tracked and insured unless the item(s) you ordered fit in a small envelope and weigh less than 350 grams.

Please note that I am not responsible for any import or customs fees incurred after shipping; those are to be paid by you.

Caring for your keepsake items

Tenshi Treasures keepsakes are meant to last and to be enjoyed, but not to be used as toys. They are not safety tested. Especially items with plastic safety eyes or noses are not suitable for children under the age of 3.
Your custom Treasure is made with loving care, interfaced for durability and double stitched securely. If you intend to ‘use’ your Treasure, please be aware of this.

Since they’re meant as keepsakes, not toys, they are not made to be washed. However, accidents do happen and they can be cleaned. Spot cleaning or hand washing is preferred. If that is not an option and you have a trusted machine with a very good delicate/wool cycle, you can use the wool cycle with a low temp/cold setting, no spin cycle (or a very low one, if you can choose it) and appropriate detergent.
Please note that when soaked and tumbled in the machine, items may lose their shape, especially on narrow parts (for example, the tail of the whales is very narrow and stuffing may ‘disappear’, resulting in a limp tail).
Never tumble dry, not even on the ‘no heat’ setting.