Your own custom handmade Treasure

Made to be loved, made to last

Prices, sizes & shipping

Listed below are the prices for the keepsake Treasures I make.

Prices do not include the cost of the scraps nor shipping costs (listed below the price list). They do however include my time, my machine, sewing thread (Gütermann only!), stuffing material and other extra’s.

Price list & dimensions

Wrap scrap animalDimensions*Scrap**Price
Alicorn (Winged unicorn)33cm tall110cm€ 125,00
Unicorn33cm tall90cm€ 105,00
Horse33cm tall80+ cm€ 99,00
Fox31cm tall50+ cm€ 79,00
Fox (small)26cm tall40+ cm€ 69,00
Lion27cm tall65cm€ 79,00
Giraffe40cm tall70cm€ 79,00
Cat34cm tall75cm€ 69,00
Goat30cm tall65cm€ 69,00
Teddy Bear38cm tall80cm€ 69,00
Dragon25cm tall50-100cm€ 65,00
Pig21cm high55cm € 65,00
Piglet18cm high50cm € 55,00
Piglet (small)16cm high45cm€ 45,00
Narwhal40cm long55-80cm€ 59,00
Narwhal (small)30cm long45cm+€ 49,00
Owl15cm high25cm+€ 49,00
Whale15cm high, 30cm long30cm€ 45,00
Bunny door stop16-30cm high45cm€ 45,00
Bunny16-30cm high45cm€ 35,00
Segmented Stars16cm high40x20cm€ 12,00
Hearts (L) & Stars11-13cm high36x15cm€ 10,50
Hearts (S)8cm high30x15cm€ 9,95
Keyfob15cm long, loop13x30cm€ 9,95
*Dimensions of the animals are measured to the tip of the ears/highest point
**Dimensions of scrap needed are based on them being “full wrap width” (fww), usually between 60-70cm. If you don’t have enough scrap, don’t worry – just send me a message and we’ll discuss it. It’s often possible to work with less-than-ideal scrap sizes (but some compromises may have to be made).
+ is added to indicate that more may be needed if you need exact pattern placement. Of course this goes for all animals, but these in particular.


All items are sent tracked and insured for a value up to € 500,00. However may not always require a signature. If you’d like me to send your items differently (and depending on the option, at your own risk), please let me know.

For items that are flat (less than 3cm high) and light (less than 350 grams), a lower fee applies, please ask for these rates. Note that shipping items at the lower rate will mean they will be sent untracked and uninsured. Please note the fee for shipping to the UK is the same as that for zone EU2.

The Netherlands€ 6,00
Zone EU1 € 17,50
Zone EU1 part 2 € 21,00
Zone EU2 € 25,00
Worldwide € 33,00
For keyfobs and anything that weighs less than 350 grams (envelope included) AND is less than 3cm thick, discounted shipping can be arranged.