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Friday 22 May 2020

Custom Information

A special keepsake, for your loved one – or for yourself!

Wrap scrap creations are very special. They are ‘something new’ yet they hold a treasure trove of (mostly) loving memories. They allow you to keep a token of a very special yet all too short (yet somehow everlasting) phase of babywearing. Memories not only of those special moments with your loved ones, but also of the babywearing communities where often new friends are found and support is readily available.

If you have a question or if you have specific requirements, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. We don’t bite in our home (nor outside of it) and I always try to respond promptly.

Is there something you’d like to have but it isn’t listed below? I’m happy to work together with you to find a pattern or model that you’ll love – I’m always ready to add another animal to the ever growing zoo.

Wrap scrap animalDimensions*Scrap**Price
Giraffe40cm tall70cm€ 67,50
Fox (regular)31cm tall50+ cm€ 67,50
Fox (small)26cm tall40+ cm€ 62,50
Unicorn34cm tall70cm€ 62,50
Horse34cm tall70cm€ 57,50
Elephant20cm high55cm+€ 52,50
Pig21cm high55cm € 52,50
Piglet18cm high50cm € 47,50
Small piglet16cm high45cm€ 42,50
Narwhal43cm long55-80cm€ 47,50
Dragon25cm tall50cm+€ 47,50
T-rex30cm tall€ 47,50
Bird18cm tall, 22cm long40cm€ 42,50
Deer26cm tall40cm€ 42,50
Velveteen Rabbit26cm tall30cm€ 39,95
Owl15cm high25cm+€ 39,95
Hedgehog14cm high40cm€ 39,95
Penguin17cm tall30cm€ 39,95
Whale15cm high, 30cm long30cm€ 37,50
*Dimensions of the animals are measured to the tip of the ears/highest point
**Dimensions of scrap needed are based on them being “full wrap width” (fww), usually between 60-70cm. If you don’t have enough scrap, don’t worry – just send me a message and we’ll discuss it. It’s often possible to work with less-than-ideal scrap sizes (but some compromises may have to be made).
+ is added to indicate that more may be needed if you need exact pattern placement. Of course this goes for all animals, but these in particular.