These pigs are made with a DIY Fluffies pattern. They are 21 centimeters high and standard stuffed with merino wool sourced from sheep in Germany. My pigs come with felt or wrap scrap eyes and ditto nose, but on request I have plastic safety eyes too, just let me know before you order.

The pattern dictates the addition of a chenille stick in the tail. This will only be added on request since i feel the pigs are more baby/small child friendly without them. Light coloured contrast fabric can be provided by me at no extra charge.

If you’re interested in having your own custom wrap scrap pig made, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find more information about prices and scrap size needed on the Prices and sizes page.

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Meet Ramon!
He's a very cute, confident and ceremonious piglet (the smallest size I have at 65%). The shiniest I've ever made! Made with @oschaslings Roses Ceremony, stuffed with mulesing free merino wool, featuring plastic safety eyes.

He is not available for purchase and will be on his way home on Monday.

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Uldini here is yet another fun creation out of one of my favorite fabrics, Oscha Constellation Machlud Haul. Apparently it doesn't only make gorgeous unicorns and alicorns, it makes great pigs too!

Uldini has plastic safety eyes and is stuffed with mulesing free merino wool. 

This fun pig is off to a new home already so is not available for purchase.

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Bertie is something special - made out of a prototype Roses Beth with some very special heavy thick wool. 

I don't think I've ever worked with a wrap this thick and solid, haha. Paired with (of course) Roses Vanilla, Bertie has flown off to his new home. With his plastic safety eyes and mulesing free merino wool stuffing he'll be a very solid presence.

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Aaliyah and Yolanda are part of a custom order, representing their owners' Chinese zodiac sign. 

Both are made out of Oscha Sekai Aozora, featuring felt eyes and, of course, mulesing free merino wool. 

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
A piggy family 🥰.
Oscha Okinami Wipeout (version 1, no less!), Oscha Ivy Paix (from a scrap I got in a scrap pack, so stop hyperventilating at the idea I cut one of the few wraps into small pieces) and Oscha Rei Ripple (a pristine piece too!).

Don't they look gorgeous together?
Stuffed with mulesing free merino wool and finished with plastic safety eyes and wrap scrap nostrils.

They were a custom order and are not available for purchase. 

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Inez will be flying home tomorrow!

She's a "normal sized" pig, made with Oscha Sonsie Agnes scrap (yes I still have some of that left, the Big Pig didn't eat all of it!). She has felt details and is stuffed with that wonderful German merino wool. 

Inez is a custom order and not for sale but if you're interested in getting your own custom pig, just contact me and we can discuss options and details!

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Three little piggies...
Meet Anni, Tex and Annabelle! These three cute piglets are on their way to their new home. Anni and Annabelle are made with scrap from Oscha Roses Anya (a deliciously fluid and soft bamboo viscose blend) and Tex features Oscha classic Roses Eros. The contrast fabric is Oscha Roses Vanilla, a wild silk blend.

All have plastic safety eyes and are stuffed with merino wool. 

These were a lot of fun to make!
This was a custom order and they are not available for sale, but if you are interested in your own piglets, don't hesitate to send me a message!

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Now that she's arrived at her destination I can finally share this pic!

Agnes was made as a gift and to see how large I could go, taking into account that the usual wrap width is around 60-70cm.

She ended up about 60cm high, ate a full 5kg of merino wool and was an enormous pleasure to make. I do have a few improvements to make for a next time (if I ever do another one 😅) but all in all I'm very happy with how she turned out and even happier with how she was received, as an admin team gift from the Oscha Slings International Community Facebook Group to the people at Oscha Slings. 

Thank you too to my fellow team members, you have made being an admin fun for all these years!

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Theresa is a lovely piglet who loves rooting around in the garden, smelling the flowers!

Theresa is made with scrap from Oscha Matrix Oia, 80% organic combed cotton and 20% linen. She's stuffed with lovely organic kapok and adorned with black felt eyes - at this size, wrap scrap is quite difficult to work with for eyes.

She's moved on to her forever home and is thus not available for purchase. She is the first one of the pattern at 80% and with the lovely review, piglets are now an option for a custom stuffed animal!

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Trix is a sweet piggy. She loves being outside rummaging in the garden. She's slightly pig-headed (but what would you expect ;) ).
She's made with Oscha Matrix Oia (cotton & linen) and stuffed with organic kapok, ready to go off to her new home. Trix is a custom and not for sale.

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.
Blaze is a Pig with Attitude. Fully made out of wrap scrap and filled with wonderfully soft merino wool he is ready to conquer the world. Maybe his name should have been Pinky. Or Brain, now that I think about it 😎.

Blaze is a custom order and ready to go to his new home!
Introducing Kelly, the first pig to arrive in our household.

She is made with Oscha Roses Art Lover Kelvingrove and Starry Night Aiko (because I only found my Roses Vanilla scrap after I'd finished her). Stuffed with merino wool and finished with felt eyes she was my first go at this pattern and available for purchase.

This is one big pig! At 21 centimeters high it doesn't sound very imposing but with her rather rotund figure she took in an alarming amount of stuffing 😂.

She was made according to the pattern so there is a chenille stick in her tail to make it curl. This will not be standard in the future and will only be added on request.
Miss Piggy (well, what better name for a pink piggy who knows darn well what she wants?!) is a very extravert, strong-willed girl and she's not afraid to show it!

Somehow Roses seems to be a favorite pattern for customers who like these pigs. And Roses Anya is always a pleasure to work with - cotton and viscose bamboo is just so fluid and soft. She has plastic safety eyes and merino wool stuffing.

Miss P. was a custom order and is not available for purchase.

Pattern by DIY Fluffies.