Airom the wrap scrap bunny


Wrong-side-out wrap scrap bunny made of Oscha Moria Crystal. Stuffed with mulesing free merino wool, with embroidered features and polyester minky ears (inside).

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Well, I thought that since I have used the fabric wrong side out so the text appears backwards (and mirrored), I’d be so “original” to reverse the name of the pattern as his name… please forgive me ;).

So yes, this is Oscha Moria Crystal, which is supposed to be predominantly black with coloured runes. I liked this side more and absolutely forgot to check which side was the right one before I cut. After I’d sewn him up I realised that the text was now reversed. Oops. But he’s decided it’s not a mistake, it’s just a unique feature, and I wasn’t going to argue about that!

This fabric is a lovely blend too, 52% Organic Combed Cotton, 8% Wild Silk, 21% Cotton, 19% Pure Bamboo. At first I thought these colours were just not for me, but I must be growing old and starting to somehow like pink (oh no!).

This bunny is UNweighted but will stand up by itself. Nice and cuddly and even a bit squishy – most of my animals tend to be Quite Firmly Stuffed. No dangerous parts on this one either, wit sewn-on features and no small parts whatsoever. The insides of the ears are very soft polyester minky fabric. He’s stuffed with mulesing free merino wool.

Pattern by Abby Glassenberg, slightly adapted to allow for the fabric not having any stretch.



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