Aldieb the wrap scrap Horse


Aldieb will be available from Sunday December 12th, at 9PM CET.

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Aldieb is named after Moiraine Damodred’s horse from The Wheel of Time. A white beauty, sophisticated and strong, Victoriana is just the perfect pattern for her.

Oscha Victoriana Vintage is 52% BCI Organic Combed Cotton, 44% Cotton, 4% Tencel. With the fun confetti dyed tubular cotton, this fabric has the best colour splashes. She is stuffed with mulesing free German merino wool and she features black plastic safety eyes.

Please note: my creations are meant to be keepsakes, not toys. If you do let small children play with them, be aware that plastic safety eyes are not recommended for children under the age of 3, due to the small parts used (potential choke hazard).

I will ship as soon as possible, but keep in mind that Aldieb may well arrive after Christmas. She will only be sent tracked and insured (not risking her getting lost without any financial compensation in December!).


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