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Friday 17 July 2020

Evolution of a ‘business’

A business name

A business doesn’t always start off as a business. In my case, it started off as a hobby. I like researching and thus started out with pretty good materials for stuffing and sewing. The hobby grew and at some point in 2017 I gave my budding ‘business’ a name. Because I like to do things well, I got some fancy thick handmade paper and a stamp to brand the ‘name cards’ that went with every creation. They featured a name as well as info on the fabrics used, stuffing material and care instructions.

I had picked ‘Paradepaard Creations’ as a name. Creations is pretty self-explanatory I think, but Paradepaard is a very Dutch word that translates to ‘showpiece’ in English. Translated in a more literal way it means ‘Parade horse’. It’s the name I use for my small website business (Paradepaard Webdesign). In Dutch it makes perfect sense. In English it’s impossible. People wanted to recommend me but couldn’t spell the name (let alone pronounce it)… I had to change it.

Tenshi Treasures

So on April 13th 2019 (only a year ago, it seems like it’s been the name forever!) I changed the name to Tenshi Treasures. Tenshi because I love the name – it’s also the name of our first cat (funny enough Oscha is also a business named after a cat). Treasures because I wanted something that went well with ‘Tenshi’ and I like the alliteration.

That meant I had to get new cards and new labels 😉 but I love the new name and I think it’s much easier to write and remember (even though Tenshi isn’t exactly a regular name). I also had to change my website URL and Facebook page – that was a bit of a pain and Facebook ended up not allowing me to change the name of the existing page, so I created a new one. In short, it kept me quite busy for a while and the website remained an ‘in progress’ project for the next year.

Tenshi Treasures business logo


If you look closely to the logo you may find that there’s a blue-and-purple grad on it. It’s actually the original mockup for the first group preorder of the Oscha Slings International Community on Facebook. I didn’t really love the grad when it was first designed but apparently my tastes have changed over the year from ‘just blue’ to ‘blue and purple too’ and I wanted something more colourful than just black for my logo. With the introduction of the updated website I also updated the logo – instead of a written word with a fancy font it’s a real logo, unique and handwritten (though not by me; you don’t want me to handwrite any logo).

Now that the website is finally ‘done’ (for now) I feel like I’m absolutely ready for whatever this journey may bring. Hopefully, many happy customers and treasured items made from beautiful wrap fabric. My custom order list is still open and I have some good spots available ‘for Christmas’, so make sure you get your spot before the list is full!