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Tenshi Treasures wrap scrap animals

Tenshi Treasures: wrap scrap creations – mostly stuffed animals. Each custom order is unique, based on your wishes, made with your favorite fabric. I work with fabrics from any brand with any pattern, but what I have in stock is mostly fabric from Oscha Slings. My wrap scrap creations – your treasures.

The options are endless – wrap scrap, stuffing, felt or plastic details, organic cotton plush (or synthetic minky on request) and I can always help you look for that one special piece of fabric, if I don’t have it in stock. Hunting down scraps is part of the fun!

Contact me through Messenger or the Contact form with any questions you may have. I’m happy to answer any questions (wrap and custom order related, at least) and help you find what you’re looking for. Occasionally some of my scrap is available for purchase (as scrap) – you can always ask.

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If you don't have (the right) fabric yourself (or do not want to chop op your treasured wrap, sling or carrier), you're welcome to browse through what I have in stock. If you find something you like I'd be happy to create something for you with it.

Some of these are available for purchase as scrap - there is a note added to the ones that are available as such. I also have a small selection of plush fabric ('minky') avaliable, but chances are high that I'd need to order some to perfectly match your envisioned keepsake.

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6 September 2021

Whoa – before you know it, it’s September! My kids are (thankfully) going back to school, sports have started again too (much to the delight of my youngest who has “finally” – she’s 5 – started swimming lessons) and I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time on sewing stuff :).

And not to forget – I’d promised to open up the custom orders list sometime in the Autumn! I’m thinking it might well be November before I’m ready to do that, and the slots will be for January and February. This will allow scraps to arrive in a timely fashion (although shipping in November/December is always a bit of a gamble).

Closing down the order list has been a very good decision for me. I’ve also had an average of 5-6 orders each month where I usually try to have a maximum of 4, which hasn’t helped with the feeling of being a bit overwhelmed. I have a poor little bunny still waiting to be finished but I am starting to feel more on top of things again, which is nice.

In the meantime I’ve been making a cute little Scottish Terrier (among other things) that will not be added to my portfolio to be available for custom orders, but I just might be persuaded to make another one, if you ask nicely. They’re not too complicated (as opposed to the unicorns or foxes) so it’s nice to have a simple pattern every now and then.

And I really should trim down my collection of fabrics – it’s nice to be able to offer such a diverse selection to customers, but it’s not the best thing, business wise, to have so much money tied up in fabric. On the other hand I just keep buying new ones so I’m not quite sure if it will actually be helpful if I try to thin it down a bit! I’ll be uploading pictures of my new acquisitions soon, because I haven’t added them to the albums yet. Some rainbow stuff, as well as some of Oscha’s very last Sea Island Cotton warp – very special (and expensive) stuff!


The easiest way to reach me is by using Messenger. However if you prefer sending me a message, please use the form below.